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Think you can't cook because you have not cooked or are disabled? Think Again! Recipes included are Butterscotch pudding cake, mushroom meat puffs, and more. This book is also for people with mental illnesses or those who help them.

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Praise & Reviews

This was a great book to read. Not only was the recipe interesting but the story Matt wrote was as well. Being from Culpeper and graduating from there it hit right at home. Matt you did a great job. Praise God for all you do. Keep up the hard work.

Matthew is a kind and determined young man who puts forth his best effort in everything he undertakes. The book is attractively presented with interesting and easy recipes for persons with diabetes. He also has included helpful tips and resources for his readers. Kudos to Matthew for not letting let his disability interfere with meeting his goals.

"Kudos to Matthew!"

Amazon Verified Customer - Jewell Duvall
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